Thursday, 25 August 2016

Changing Perspectives

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Shreya (Volunteer Student, St. Josephs College of Commerce)
Over the last few weeks, I, Shreya Sarda, have learnt a great deal after working with the children that study at Gubbachi Learning Community. I felt extremely honoured when I was accepted by the organisation, and was invited to work with them and their precious children. Initially, I assumed that I would be working in a regular school of sorts. But into the first 2 days, I came to realise that this school was none like I had ever experienced before. The entire school is run on pure passion and is driven with such strong morals and goals. It truly was a great feeling to work amongst such respected social workers.

I was assigned a variety of tasks and fortunately, all of them were within my forte's of talent and experience. The whole experience of dwelling amongst the children for the past couple of weeks has opened my eyes to a whole new manner of thinking and understanding a child.
During most of the Arts and Crafts sessions that I would conduct for the children, I witnessed so much teamwork and joy, it really moved my heart. Laughter and happiness fills this organisation as the children are so well looked after and are always plenty occupied with fun learning activities. Since these wonderful children were eager to learn Math and English, I was assigned to educate them on both these subjects. My observations showed me that the children are extremely capable and the potential for them to learn and grow is immense. Their grasping power and their ability to receive my teaching really astonished me.

Each day was not only a new learning experience for the children, but also for myself.
I found a great deal of change in the way I looked at things and thought about them. Spending two weeks with the students of Gubacchi truly opened my eyes to a greater cause that should be worked towards. Nomita and Mani were excellent guides and they were always right around the corner to adhere to my every doubt. They made this whole experience a lot easier than it would have been. 

What have I learnt from working at the Gubbachi Learning Community?
Well firstly, this entire experience has taught me the true value of the education that we the privileged members of society receive. I was also shown that education doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around modernisation and technology. But the basics are what will see you home any day. Teamwork, dedication, perseverance, eagerness and the sheer will to succeed is what each and every child at the Gubbachi Learning Community is driven by. And I find myself ready to step into this situation and be a part of the change that will help enable the underprivileged educate themselves.

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