Monday, 14 November 2016

It's Children's day !

-Deyone( Learning Facilitator)

Today at Gubbachi Learning Community, most of the students went to attend Kathavana - a literary festival organised by Azim Premji University. 6 students couldn't go since they were too young to attend the event; so I stayed back with them at the learning center. We decided to go for a nature walk. We left the centre at 9.40 am. There is a tamarind tree behind our school; we decided to go there and 5 of us

climbed it. I also got to climb a tree after a long time :) Two were afraid to climb the tamarind tree since it was too tall for them. :( So we decided we'll look for smaller trees around so that everyone could climb.

We walked a kilometer and ended up at Kumar's house, which is inside a farm where his parents work. Kumar jumped over the gate, fetched the keys and let all of us in. His mother and younger sister gave us water to drink. There were lot of small trees and everyone climbed the trees as much as they wanted.

Kumar brought us figs to eat ​and I had it fresh for the first time in my life ... ... and it was amazing! While we were at the farm we heard the train passing by, Malli wanted to chase the train. So we left the farm in search of a railway track. We found the track walking half a kilometer and walked along the track for another 2 kms till we reached the railway gate.

Premakka who works at the railway gate was super sweet and she gave gooseberries to us. She declared all the girls will receive 3 fruits and the boys will receive only 2. :) But the children wanted more once they finished eating the gooseberries. She allowed them to climb the gooseberry tree and pluck as much as they wanted.

All this time Munni, Kumar's dog was also with us. Sanirul realised that we had reached very close to his home and wanted all of us to see his dog. We said bye to Premakka and headed to Sanirul's home. He whistled and the dog was there; Eramma wanted to know what the dog's name is but Sanirul had not yet given a name to his dog. Ladli suggested since we already have a Munni here, let's name him Munna. :) Then we walked 2 kms back to school and reached there at 12.30 pm just in time for lunch.

Happiness matters. :)

... and Malli wanted to play kho-kho after all this; which none of us cared for.

Happy Children's Day to all!

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